Yogain Whitepaper

Social-Fi System

Coming soon...!!!
With the development of the e-fitness ecosystem so that users can easily connect with others, share practice moments, Social - Fi will be an important part of YOGAIN ecosystem. Besides, users can connect with others through game modes, invite features, overcome quests or team-up to win the tournaments together. Here, the power will be in the hands of the users, users can control their privacy and can even make money based on their data.

Club and Class

YOGAIN allows users to create their own healthy Yoga clubs and classes that users can build their connection with the others, improve their skills be learning from the others. Especially, YOGAIN users can team-up together, join the team quests and win the tournaments with great prizes.

Brand Collaboration

Collaborate with brands, especially Sporty brands, Fitness brands and the others, YOGAIN aims to nudge not only the yogic community and crypto community, but also millions of people in all over the world toward a modern, healthy and positive lifestyle.