Yogain Whitepaper

User Guide

Download & Install YOGAIN

After the YOGAIN application is released, you can download it from the App Store or Google Play. When you first turn on the app, there will be a notice that the YOGAIN app requires access to the phone camera, storage disk, and location.
Kindly select [Allow to access all the time]/[Allow to access while using the app].


YOGAIN will require you to create a new account if you have not signed in before. If you don't want to make an account yet, you can click on "Visiter" to enter the app and browse through our various challenges and features.
After browsing the app, if you would like to start your journey with YOGAIN, you can always come back and register with your email.
There will be a verification email sent to your registered email when you submit the form.
Click the link we sent to you to confirm your email and finish creating your YOGAIN account.
Fill in your weight and height. It was registered successfully.
Now you are all set! You can now choose a mode and equip yourself with relevant NFTs to enjoy your time!

Important Notices

Beta Version
Before launching the official YOGAIN app, we will launch a closed private Beta version. Invitations for the closed private Beta version will be sent to all members who joined in YOGAIN presale.
The public Beta version will be released three weeks after that. We will send out 300 activation codes to the top 300 holders of the YOG token.
In the beta version, the images taken by phone will be sent to our server. All the images will be processed in the cloud. However, when the main app released, all the images will be processed directly on user's phones to protect user's privacy.
Purchase the NFTs
You will find the NFTs in the YOGAIN marketplace with detailed descriptions of their usages and functions. You can connect your BSC wallet to purchase it with BNB