Yogain Whitepaper

Sticker NFTs

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Sticker NFTs can be used to decorate or boost the Mat NFT attributes.
Awakening Effect: A Sticker NFT can be used to boost Base Attributes of a Mat NFT
Ex. A Unicorn Sticker will boost a Lv. 01 Jute Mat (Epic) with 2 Luck.
A Kitty Sticker will boost Lv. 01 Cotton Mat (Legendary) with 5 Efficiency.

How to earn Sticker NFTs

  • Minting new in Releasing Events
  • Buying from other users at the Marketplace
  • Complete quest/event’s challenge

Types of Sticker NFTs:

  • Decorative Items (None Effect)
  • Boosted Items (Have an effect on mat efficiency)
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