Yogain Whitepaper

Mat Minting

Coming Soon...!!
To build a healthy Yogain Community, Yogain introduces MATES Point - an in-game point required when minting new Mats.
  • MATES isn't a token. MATES is an in-game point
  • MATES Point can be collected via the below methods:
    • New Mates - New Mats: Refer a friend to join and experience Yogain to earn MATES Points
    • Staking: Staking $YOG token or NFT to earn MATES Points
    • Lucky reward: Dropping randomly when practicing Free-to-play Mode and Yogain Mode.
*Important Note:
  • At the beginnings, this is a highly centralized feature controlling the In-game Economy, ignoring NFT Inflation and helping to build a strong healthy community.
  • When the DAO starts, the system will be changed based on the discussion of Token Holders